a glitter from diana rikasari and tic tac box

for those who to watch videos from you tube, i did it just a couple minutes ago before diana rikasari x tic tac commercial pop up! and tada you know what. it  a kind of a wake up call for me.

this is diana's link dianarikasari's BLOG she's a well-known fashion blogger and also enterpreneur, she own shoes line named Up which is cute and cool at the same time cos whenever we bought a shoes , we will automatically donate Rp5000 for the sake of goodness. so the point actually, in that commercial video diana rikasari said that "as long as you love something just go for it. consistency! when you wanna do something do it seriously, take it seriously"  right after the commercial ends. i sit up straight. and think. a lot in a rapid time.

i know that i can't say any excuses, cos if i said that i'm too busy, hell-o they also busy out there, everybody have their own things to be done. actually my main problem is i have no one to take a picture of me, and it's pretty hard to work with yourself and a tri-pod while there's no good background near by :|
should we solve it now? anyone?

i'll figure it out, btw i'm a college girl now (so what?) i'm busy because of the major i chose already. which is far far from any other college students with different major. i didn't regret it, really. i just need to figure out the way right? ;)

it will be so boring if i didn't attach any photo in this post. it'll sound like i'm "coming back" just to whine all the way"

i did this to my hair,

sorry i cut out my face, i'm just so sad to showing my face right now :') it's a real smile,don't worry.
why green? i don't know too, just pick a color randomly, and voilaaa. my hair is too long right now. i don't think i'm satisfy with my hair right now. ofc love the ombre so much xxx

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