Black Velvet

 Black is not always wrong

     i don't know what should i do to make myself keep posting.because in my very very looooong holiday, a gap from high school to university.. i don't even do what i really want such as drawing or reading.i didn't buy any new book as i wish. the good and also bad news is, the end of this month i'll be busy again to take care of my university things. i have to pass the orientation week. which means i have to wear that and this and don't bring that thing but i should bring a book or things like that. it'll be fun, i know. can't wait to be a colleger :)

     today i wore a long sleeve velvet t-shirt. Velvet is a woven tufted fabric, this method make a very soft and velvety fabric. btw Cairo is the largest velvet producers in the world.i never been there anyway, but knowing that cairo is world's largest profucer of velvet,i'm thinking of going to cairo. seeking cute things made from velvet fabric such as dress, skirt, gown, or even blanket & bed sheet.
1. Long sleeve black velvet top
2.Jeans hot pants
3.Jeans rider jacket
4.Gold chain ear cuff velvet flat shoes 

1.Blue eyes double finger
2.Royal stamp

here i'll share some songs and Vclip i love lately


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  1. i love this so much! great post<3 hope to see new posts