How to put a link in blogger comment box?

i'm a bit busy lately, i'm joining batik course and thinking for my future (re:university) . today i would like to give you a useful  post, i wish this one is useful enough. if you're a blogger which love to giving comments in another blog, you want to put a link or maybe your link . here i come with a code that will help you a lot, amen.

this is the example of my code,

what you need to do is..
  1. copy the code above
  2. fill the blank with your link and the title you wish to appear
  3. paste it, in the comment box
  4. wait for the magic to happens :p the code will turn to be link in a comment box
if you had any question, don't hesitate. just ask me right away ;)
Happy blogging, and good luck!
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