DAY TWO : Laskar Pelangi's Day

                      i'm sorry i post the second day late :( the next day, i went to visit Laskar pelangi's school which is use...

                      i'm sorry i post the second day late :( the next day, i went to visit Laskar pelangi's school which is used for the making of the Laskar Pelangi's movie. i spent about 2 hours from the city to the school. if you don't know about Laskar pelangi you can Click this!!

  1. the Laskar pelangi's school, but not the real one. because the real one was damaged. this school is the one which is purposely  made for laskar pelangi's movie shoot.
  2. The School's signpost.
This school is empty now, just the building alone. but still there's a lot of tourist came here because this is the legendary place where Laskar pelangi's movie took a shoot at that time.
after this place, still related with Laskar prlangi. we went to Museum Kata by Andrea Hirata. he's the writter of Laskar Pelangi's novel. because of the good reaction of the novel, then the novel made into a movie. the novel itself told us about how hard to be a student in a concession. for example one of his friend always arrived at school late if there's a crocodile sunbathing in the middle of the road. the museum located not to far from the School. The museum contains of clippings which contain laskar pelangi, laskar pelangi's novel, inspiring quotes, some pictures from the movie and in the back of the museum they had a kinf of coffee shop named kupi kuli.

1. The clipping from a national newspaper
2.Inspiring quotes and Laskar Pelangi's cover variation
3.Other novels by Andrea Hirata
4.Laskar Pelangi's novel which was translated to some language such as Turkish, Mandarin, Japanese, English, German and so on.
  1. Kupi Kuli coffee shop and it's Barista
  2. Kupi Kuli coffee shop and me :3
  3. An eye candy painting, Cranky without coffee
i adore this coffee so much, it's made by black coffee which is boiled with the furnace as you can see in the picture above, then mixed with condensed  milk. the bitterness of the black coffee isn't taste so bitter because of the condensed milk, and also the condensed milk isn't taste too sweet anymore. you have to try this one if you came here, because i recommended Kupi Kuli so much! :)

i end my trip this second day by went to Tanjung Pendam beach which is near by the city, we wait for the sunset and ate pampi. pampi is belitung's noodle with red sauce, and meatballs in this slices. a bit overcasting in other part of the island, that's why the sunset isn't so clear :( , when we are ready to left i saw a dino shaped cloud which is so eye catching.

  1. Sunset in Tanjung Pendam
  2. Dino shaped cloud :3
  3. a silhouette of me
before i end this post, this is the outfit ooooof the day!

Outfit Of The Day:
1. Summer hat // Hardware by Luna Maya
2.Pink cardigan // made by request
3. white tribal tank top // funtyme
4. Flower summer Golf skirt // Raycook

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  1. Love your floral skit. Nice shots of the skyline.