Day one : Touch Down Belitung !

 Boarding from Jakarta at 08.59
Arrived at Belitung at 10.42

I shoot them when i flew above Belitung Island.
1.this is Belitung
2.there's a welcome rainbow for me :)
3.this is a stannary (that aqua blue water isn't a lake or swimming pool, it is the property of stannary)

Long time ago, belitung island contains a lot of tin. that's why from the sky we could see a lot of tin mines on the surface of this island. but nowadays there's just plenty of tin mines which is still actively mining.
for more information about Belitung Island.

Outfit Of The Day:
1.Washed out denim jacket // sevensoul
2.Black sleeveless turtleneck // Topshop
3.tiny dots short-skirt // Treasure
4.white shoes // New Look

i arrived at my friend's home named gadis, i will be staying here for the rest of my get away trip :) i didn't do anything, just washed my face&feet then watching tv and having a little rest before a little journey this afternoon. In the afternoon i went to an unused Golf course not really far from Gadis's house. This place is magical, i could stare the wooden bridge forever. Gadis told me that her junior high's friend who made this beautiful wooden bridge.

this bridge is like a little path that will guide you to a better place. this bridge reminds me of a movie.. Madagascar. there's a part in madagascar when marty and alex chasing each other in a wild savanna. the savanna in that movie looks perfectly similar just like this one.

Outfit Of The Day:
1.Black kimono // japan
2.Tribal tank top // -
3.High waist denim hot pants // Nevada Jeans
4.Tosca rose sandal // -
5.Feather shaped bone necklace // -

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