DAY 3! Granite rocks beaches

DAY 3 : Sea Shell On The Sea Shore!                                Hello! i know the 'day 3' picture was quiet weird, but it&...

DAY 3 : Sea Shell On The Sea Shore!

                               Hello! i know the 'day 3' picture was quiet weird, but it's cute though. in that picture, i'm soo busy seeking for a clam. did you know a sentence from tounge twister?
She sells sea-shells on the sea-shore.
The shells she sells are sea-shells, I'm sure.
For if she sells sea-shells on the sea-shore
Then I'm sure she sells sea-shore shells. 
this is my favorite tongue twister!! 
here you go the full story of day three in Belitung Island, Indonesia :)

  1. The sea shore
  2. The sea shore from other side
  3. Me on the see shore
  4. My friend and me seeking for a clam
in this third day, my friend and i decided to have an activity that we couldn't get in every part of the world. that's why we decided to go to the sea shore, we are going toooo seek for some clams !! this clam is edible of course and we need some effort to get those clams. my friend told me, we could get the clam easier under the deck. we went there with a huge excitement , because looking for clams means we are hunting our food's ingredients which is sooo cool! i will share some tips how to find a clam..
a. move your feet to the right&left, like rubbing the sand
b.keep your eyes thorough to the sand
c.if you found 1, check it whether it's shells wtill stick together. because this one that we need, the alive one

after we finish chasing for clams, there's a T-rex parked in the parking lot. that Red T-rex belongs to my friend's dad, and they let me to try it!! this is my first experience to drive this such of car.

Today our main agenda is went to Tanjung Kelayang beach.we will rent a boat there, The Boat will help us to reach Lengkuas beach. Tanjung kelayang is a wide sea shore filled with pure white soft sand, no-wave (when i'm arrive),crystal clear water,friendly breeze, warm sun and i could hear this beach screaming 'summer!' out loud. This is one of my favorite beach i've visited in my life !

  1. The road on our way to tanjung kelayang beach
  2. The Shore of tanjung kelayang beach
  3. Bright sky and cloud
  4. Boats for rent
  5. The Deck
  6. Calm & clear water
  7. Bird's island on the opposite of tanjung kelayang beach
  8. Our 'rent' Boat
we jumped to our boat and went to the Sand island. this island is so small, and this isn't a permanent island. when the tide comes, the island will disappear. but fyi most tourists will go to the sand island before they go to the Lengkuas Island, because a lot of starfish stay in this island. it is possible for us to take a closer look or even touch and take a picture with the starfish !! *thebestpart* after play with some starfish we continue our journey to the priority island.. we went to the Lengkuas island !! what makes this island special is , this island own a lighthouse made by netherlands when they were here to colonize Indonesia. the light house was built in 1882, and it still stand tall there. if you want to come inside and climb to the top of the light house, you need to pay Rp.5000 and wash your feet first to reduce the corrosion. the scenery from the top of the lighthouse was awesome, breathtaking and invite me to jumped out from there. so sad the light house isn't so big, and it can't bear a lot of tourists.. so we need to take turn to go to the top of the lighthouse, because what's the meaning of going to the lighthouse and didn't climb to the top?? hence, we need to go there!! and rule the island haha

  1. Sand island (starfish's home)
  2. Sand island when tide comes. disappear
  3. The legendary light house of lengkuas island
  4. The view from the top of the lighthouse
  5. little shore, The view from the top
  6. wide shore, The view from the top
  7. Boat's parking shore, The view from the top
  8. The lighthouse's feet
  9. Me, on the top of the lighthouse
  10. Me, deeply want to jump
  11. From the very top of the lighthouse
  12. The very top
  13. The closer look of the lighthouse's lamp
after taking a looot pictures. we are going to snorkeling!! one of my favorite activities. Don't forget to bring some breads! because fishes in this snorkeling spot is sooo friendly, and so crowded too. the corals live happily here, they're so healthy, strong and had a bright color which made my snorkeling journey more and more FUN!! sadly i don't have underwater camera, but don't worry cos i grab some pictures from indonesiakaya 

  1. The habitat of this fish
  2. We can merely touch the fishes
  3. The lovely corals
After a tiring day, we going to go back home. one thing we should do before going home is taking picture in an island with a huge granite rocks which is the typical of belitung's beach. in our way home, there's one island just fit like what we want! the granite rocks was so big! until now, i'm still wondering how the granite rocks that huge landed in almost every part of belitung's beaches.

this is the end of my third day, and here is the wardrobe parts!

Outfit Of The Day :
1. Summer Hat // Hardware by Luna maya
2. Green Hoodie // -
3.  Soft blue long sleeve t-shirt // 3second
4.Jeans Hot Pants // Nevada Jeans
5. Tosca flipflop // -

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